Our Churches

Naalya Christ Mission Church

Naalya Christ Mission church is found in East of Kampala city ten Kilometers away and is in Wakiso District. It is multicultural type of congregation. It is being led by Pastor Mishael Kunya as the Senior pastor and Pastor George William Kazibwe as a resident pastor. It serves as the Head Quarter of Christ Mission Churches in Uganda. The church is in a temporary building on a small piece of land. Its main challenges are limited space and church building.  More about Pastor Mishael Kunya find it in Christ Mission Churches Director’s profile.
Pastor George and Grace Kazibwe
Pastor George William Kazibwe is married to Grace Kazibwe and are committed to serving Christ and His church.  

Misindye Christ Mission Church

Pastor Innocent and Christine Mwesigye

Jinja Misindye Christ Mission church is found in East Kampala about 20 Kilometers away. It is in Mukono District in Goma Sub County, five Kilometers from Namugongo National Catholic Shrine near Nabusugwe Trading Center.

The church was started on August 2, 2018 by Christ Mission Ministry. On March 15, 2021 the church relocated to another place but in the same locality. The church does not own its land, it is on a hired land and it is the same problem that caused it to relocate from the first place. Currently it is in a temporary building which is under construction.

The Current Structure of Misindye Christ Mission Church

Jinja Misindye Christ Mission Church is being led by Innocent Mwesigye and Philemon Waako as pastors of the church.

Pastor Innocent Mwesigye is married to Christine Mwesigye and Pastor Philemon Waako is married to Grace Waako.

Buyende Christ Mission Church

Buyende Christ Mission church is found in Eastern part of the country in Buyende District in Buyende trading center about 108 miles away from Kampala.

The church was planted in 2016 by Christ Mission Ministry by carrying evangelistic missions in the area both house to house evangelism and crusades. On the first evangelistic mission, eight children were saved whose father was going to poison them because their mother had divorced him. But God is good; as he was heading home with the poison in his pocket, he was intercepted by the Evangelists who preached to the Good News of Christ, and he gave his life to Christ and surrendered the poison to them. The whole family was saved.

The church is being housed in a temporary building with wared out taplins in the sides on its small land 100x100ft which was secured by Christ Mission Churches as the organization

Buyende Christ Mission Church is being led by pastor Patrick Bwoye together with Monica Bwoye Namunana being assisted by pastor Isaac Muwanguzi Mukobeza. Pastor Patrick stays five miles away from the church which distance he normally walks to and fro for church services for lacking means of transport.

Bukoseya Christ Mission Church

Bukoseya Christ Mission church is found in Eastern part of the country in the rural area about 114 miles away from Kampala.

The church was planted in 2017 after pastor Monica Kisakye being led by the Holy Spirit to call Christ Mission Evangelistic team to help her evangelize the area and opening up the church. Many people gave their lives to Christ and the church was started with 20 people minus children. Pastor monica offered her small land for the work of Christ in that village.

Pastor Monica Kisakye

What compelled Monica to call Evangelists was that the locality is dominated by ancestorial worshipand one of the main tribal shrine is near the church which give Monica headache; but being a woman of prayer, ancestorial worship is loosing grip of the people in the area.

Bukoseya Christ Mission Church is being led by pastor Monica Kisakye as the senior leader. She is a single woman who is committedto serve the Lord despite of her great lack financially. The church is thatched by dry banana leaves and Taplin supported by few small wooden poles. Her house is a small mud house sometimes breaking some parts during rain season. Despite all that, her joy to serve Christ is not diminished. To combat the challenge of financial crisis, the church secured oxen for plowing hiring such that the pastor and the church may get something to support in the progress of the work of God.