Children's Church


A Christ Centered Child, Loving God and Living in Obedience to Him.


To worship God and partner with parents, to evangelise children, nurture them and meet their dynamic needs.

About Children’s Church

Children’s church is a ministry for children at all our churches across the country. It is a fully fledged ministry.

The ministry has leaders in charge, as well as volunteers who coordinate the different age  groups and  children’s church teachers.

On Sundays, children’s church conducts sevices for children from Pre School to 13 years of age in the three morning services.

This church exists to worship God and nurture children’s faith through God’s word. Psalm 78:4-6 reminds us of the duty we have to teach children God’s word. In Deuteronomy 6:6-9, a description is given on how we ought to teach children God’s word. Children’s church therefore endeavours to nurture children’s faith through various activities.