Director's Visionary Statement

Christ Mission Churches is a registered Non Government Organisation. It is non denominational and having a holistic approach  of preaching  the gospel  of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our approach is to preach  Jesus to people  through there needs of life.

In the spirit of Faith, Hope and Love, it is our mandate to nurture the people entrusted to us as future leaders.  We seek to provide them with the best opportunities for learning and personal development.  We seek to help them broaden their horizons, realize their potential and develop positive values and attitudes through a wide range of our programmes.


Wisdom simply applied knowledge , which is to be acquired  by education; therefore we are using  the approach  of reaching  to the people  through

  1. Their educational needs. through establishing Kindergarten, primary schools , secondary schools adult literacy, developmental school, Tertiary institutions, Bible schools and university ;
  2. Child development programs we have several programs  for Children such as Sunday school program, Holiday Camps, bible quiz, teaching the biblical principles of life.

Evangelism and Disciple making

We in the Christ Mission Churches, we  reach out to people by catering for their spiritual needs through

  1. crusades,
  2. conferences and seminars,
  3. door to door evangelism,
  4. providing gospel tracts
  5. planting churches in every village and city,
  6. discipling  believers,
  7. opening prayer centres,

Church Service