What we do

Church Planting

Christ Mission Churches has  so far planted quite a number of churches in places where gospel crusades have been conducted and  also in places where the spiritual needs seems to be high. 

In Matthew: 28:19-20, Jesus commands us to go and make disciples of all nations and teach them to do all that Jesus Commanded us to do. The Greatest gift man can ever get on this earth is SALVATION. We do this in many ways and one of them is to plant churches in areas where Jesus Christ has not been preached and also in areas where there are no churches.

Church Planting and building;
In Romans 15: 20-21, Apostle Paul discouraged the idea of planting a local church where another local church already existed. He encouraged church planting in areas where Jesus Christ has never been preached. It worked very well for him and his team and many local churches were planted in different regions.

All Pastors and other church leaders must be trained, both in fundamental Biblical teachings and in leadership. However, the majority of such pastors that are called to serve in the rural areas are not educated and do not always speak the common languages. These take special care. New lessons must be developed and translated into their respective languages.


Christ Mission Churches needs the following for a good service:

  • Bibles in local languages ($15 each)
  • Bicycles or Motor cycles for rural evangelists and church leaders
  • Short-term visiting Bible Teachers and Mentors
  • Portable Public Addressing Systems
  • Prayer partners
  • Evangelistic Van which will enable us to reached the rural/remote area.

We ask you to pray for this business of converting and disciplining, because a true church is composed of disciples but not just converts.

Children's Ministry

Our passion is to reachout to children with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Our purpose is three-fold:

  • To evangelise children with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • To disciple them in the Word of God.
  • To establish them in a Bible-believing church for Christian living.

A study show that if a child has not received Jesus Christ as  Savior by the time he is 14, there is only a 4% chance that he will between the ages of 14 and 18, and a 6% chance that it will occur in the remainder of life.

Join us in the most fruitful mission field – the children!

Child Evangelism program is there to minister to children. We have managed to reach out to a number of children. Child Evangelism takes the truth of God’s Word to children in communities, throughout Uganda. Through this ministry boys and girls have heard the good news since.

Conferences and Seminars

It’s our goal to provide ministry leaders with training opportunities through conferences and seminars that can lead to more effective ministry.

One of the many resources  Christ Mission  Churches offers are conferences and seminars that we teach in various regions. The Leaders travel extensively teaching and sharing God’s message of repentance, forgiveness, deliverance, and healing, development etc. Through this resource we passionately develop outstanding servant leaders; committed to developing more of these Godly of leaders.

At our seminars and conferences, attendees always experience:

  • Teaching. Using recent research, we take a look at new paradigms while reinforcing Biblical truths and teachings.
  • Networking. We enable many to connect to others serving in the same ministry area—iron sharpening iron.
  • Discussion. It’s important for pastors and ministry leaders to explore new ideas and be a catalyst for change, while still maintaining the centrality of Jesus Christ and authority of God’s Word.
  • Leadership Skills: We offer leadership trainings for corporate & business leaders, church leaders & pastors, Youth, children workers, college students, and much more

Christ Mission Churches  holds a number of ministries annually. These include Annual Pastors and Church leaders Conferences, Youths Conference, Women’s conference, etc.

In these conferences we empower believers and church workers by building their capacity to lives a holy and a righteous life as well as serving God effectively.

We teach believers and church workers who will teach others in turn usher many into the Lord’s service. we disciple women and help them experience freedom and balance in Christ, by providing them with opportunities to discover, develop and deploy their God given gifts and talents for personal development and service.

Gospel in Action

The Gospel in Action (GIA) is an effort to weave the compassionate works and words of the gospel into the fabric of the our Ministry. Our mission is to connect Win/Build/Send movements to pressing human need, helping the spiritually and physically oppressed and bringing the hope and healing of Christ to our broken people.

The ultimate purpose of GIA initiatives is making Jesus Lord over broken people, broken places, and broken systems.  Our desire is to give a watching world pictures of the power of the gospel to transform people and places, and to give them a foretaste of a Kingdom where Jesus has set everything right.

We do this through giving out clothes, building houses for the old people, etc

Youths Ministry

Christ Mission Churches has a vision to raise a generation of God fearing young people whose entire lives on earth fulfill God’s purpose for mankind. We diligently teaches, molds and sensitizes the youths to be vigilant and very keen amidst the perverse and permissive societies surrounding them. In the pursuit of this vision, the mission employs several approaches to reach out to the body, soul and spirit of the young people from different backgrounds and cultural settings.

Our Goal:

The goal of the Youth ministry is to inspire youth into Godliness and the work of the ministry. As a ministry we believe and encourage the youth to get involved in Christian service.

  • To develop a lifestyle of worship by teaching and training the youth of the church and in the entire community in the word so they can discover the power of the Holy Spirit and the love of God.
  • To provide ministry to the youths  through small group centered ministry that includes bible study, prayer, counseling, outreaches  for purposes of strengthening fellowship.
  • To develop disciples by providing means through which the youths will be nurtured and modeled to grow in becoming Christ-like.
  • To prepare youths to effectively participate in ministry by providing diverse opportunities by which they can utilize their God given talents and gifts.
  • To prepare youths  with a passion for evangelism by training them in the love of God to share the good news for purposes of growth and multiplication.
  • Teaching of life skills,  leadership tips, team building, Biblical reading and discussions, soul winning, praise, worship and prayer,. All is done to purposely empower youth holistically. through Praise rallies, Music Galas, Services and Meetings, Bible Quiz, Bible study, Youth fellowships/Youth extravaganza; music and sharing the word and prayers and showcasing of different talents of youth, and Youth Outreaches.

Men ‘s ministry


That the men of Christ Mission Church will consistently honor the Lord Jesus Christ in all areas of their lives.


The Men’s ministry exists to develop Biblically-grounded men of faith who:

  • Lead their families in worship
  • Explore the Word of God in study
  • Reach out to men in the community with the Gospel
  • Help hold other men accountable to God’s standards

Activities and events throughout the year include the following and are designed to help men connect with other men and with God.

  1. Men’s Bible study
  2. Prayer & Fellowship Breakfast held once a month.
  3. Men’s  Retreat


We would encourage you to watch the Sunday morning program on a weekly basis for details of these and other activities that the Men’s Ministry leadership  is and will be sponsoring.

We invite you to participate in any or all of these activities that are of interest to you.


Women ‘s Ministry

Women’ s ministry is one of the many ministries we have at Christ Mission Churches. Our aim is to lift up the lives of women socially, spiritually, emotionally, economically and emotionally.

We at  are determined to change Women into hopeful, dependable, constructive and able citizens, capable of changing the future for themselves and others. We intend to implement the following Programs to assist the women namely;

  1. Womens retreats,
  2. Conferences and
  3. Seminars

Where we equip women with different skills like Christian child upbringing, teaching women to be prayerful and intercessors of their families and nations. Submissive to their husbands, offering free counseling services to the bereaved and stressed women.
The ministry also caters for the needs of women who are living a poverty stricken life.

Where we encourage and advice young girls about the life skills as a way of preventing them from danger.
Meetings are held for all women from all walks of life. support all women who come for many reason to receive counselling, advice and support.
Prayer and advice is given to those:

Mission: Teach Women who will teach others who will in turn usher many women into the Lord’s service.To disciple women and help them experience freedom and balance in Christ, by providing them with opportunities to discover, develop and deploy their God given gifts and talents for personal development and service.Who have suffered trauma through various situations.
Who need to know how to be a good wife and mother.
Whose husbands have more than one wife.
Whose husbands are not yet saved.
Who need help to play their role in family life.
Vision: Empower Women by building their capacity to study the Holy Bible.