Tailoring Vocation

We have intend to initiate a project to help single mothers and widows and school dropouts to get skills through training in dressmaking to help them integrate into the textile industry. We are intending to rent a workroom in Nalya , Wakiso where 20 people will be trained per session of 12 months on how to use sewing machine to make dresses. Those who graduate from this program will benefit from taking contracts with schools and other companies by making uniform for their children as well as making dresses for sale to the general public. The result of this project/Program will compel us to propose a project that would benefit 40 single mothers, widows and school dropouts in a single year. Here is detailed information of Sewing machine Training project proposal: Specific Objectives
  1. Identifying and training 40 women during a one year period to provide them with the necessary skills to be involved in economic activity. A special emphasis will be put upon adolescents and young female’s heads of household widows and single mothers.
  2. Providing advice and technical training to these women to increase their abilities in dressmaking.
  3. Providing psychological support to facilitate the integration of women into the project as well as to increase their self-esteem.
  4. Providing a set of tools or a sewing machine to enable the graduating student to become more proficient in their newly acquired skills, and to be able to use them in supporting themselves and their family by putting a roof over their heads, food on the table and educating their family and providing medical care.
  5. Through this project we will evangelise many and win them for Christ.
  6. Mobilizing resources such as; Human resource, Money, Materials, Equipment

Expected Results

  1. 40 single mothers, widows and school dropouts will be trained in dressmaking per year.
  2. These trained women will be able to earn money for their families by using their learned skills to make dresses.
  3. Improvement of self-esteem of participants.

Resources Christ Mission Churches was able to obtain 10 sewing machines, accessories for sewing and other materials to establish a sewing workroom. The local materials contribution will include:

  1. Ten manual Sewing machines and accessories
  2. Workrooms for the women.
  3. Fabric, thread and other materials

Christ Mission Churches needs support to buy 30 sewing machines more of which 10 will be electric and 20 manual to be added to the 10 sewing machine. We also need salaries for three (3) teachers/instructors for one year, rental for workroom for one year

Sustainability:  We hope to sustain the activities of the Project through: – 1. Continued staff development through training and retraining. 2. Continued resource mobilization using different strategies including: tuition fees, dress making, school uniforms, grants, donations, charges on services offered by the Centre

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