Future Plans

Christ Mission Churches’  future plans are ;

  1. Purchase Land to accommodate a school, a children’s homes, resource center, health center, and a vocational institute for tailoring, carpentry, computer training, etc
  2. Build a christian School to provide secular education in a God fearing environment.
  3. To build a healthy centre.
  4. Plant churches in unreached communities.
  5. Train workers for Christ who will go out to the unreached areas with the gospel.

We have a dream to build a multi-purpose facility to accommodate and teach our children in a safe and God fearing environment. The plan is to start with a primary school. You can choose to be a blessing by donating to the purchase of Land, ranging from $10 to any amount of your choice. Any help/support counts.

You can be part in the effort of transforming our communities for Christ. Just give us a chance.

These children are victims of circumstance but have incredible talents and abilities. You can help realize their ability and see the best in them;
Give them a chance by simply donating anything one can afford.

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